Psychological development and emotional healing therapy

The heart is the home

Psychological development and emotional healing therapy

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Our aim at Inner Expansion Therapy is to support clients to recover their authenticity and experience the freedom that moving out of a space of contraction, and into one of expansion brings. Real change and relief from suffering is found in heart-connection with a supportive other who can facilitate us to integrate our life experiences and make contact with our true nature. When we are assisted to observe our patterning and perceive ourselves from an expanded lens, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and initiate a natural healing process. Our lives are then enhanced by our increased capacity and ability to make conscious choices that align with our wellbeing and truth. This process is both a discovery of our essence, and a recovery of our soul, also known as our authentic self.

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Individual and couples counselling

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Self worth and self esteem

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Coping with anxiety and stress

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Blended Families

Family dynamics and social pressures

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Substance abuse interventions

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Alone and loneliness are not the same

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Control & obsessive behaviours

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Eating Disorders

Manage & overcome diet disorders

Our Therapy Approach

Inner Expansion Therapy is a holistic counselling service founded in psychodynamic and systemic family therapy roots. Psychotherapy from this approach utilises the client-therapist relationship as the key instrument and vehicle for change. From this perspective, the therapeutic connection enables growth and insight through the emergence of greater self-awareness and self-realisation.

Feeling safe

Psychological development and emotional healing can only occur when a person feels safe. This means that establishing a warm therapeutic alliance, in a confidential and non-judgemental environment, is vital to beginning this process.

When we are supported to freely and honestly express ourselves, and we feel respectfully listened to, it allows us to gently and securely enter into the rich inner landscapes that we each have inside of us.

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A journey of perspective

With the therapist as a fellow traveller and guide, we are facilitated to safely embark on a journey into self that permits us to gain a clearer perspective into what is currently influencing the state of our being.

This endeavour often involves shedding light upon the subconscious programs we have been running since our earlier years, and exploring some of the belief systems that organise our identity and the way we experience ourselves, others, and the world.

Past & Present


As children, we take in a variety of experiences and receive certain messages from various sources such as our family, society, culture, and religion. These messages are then internalised into the self, becoming programs that inform our beliefs of who we think we are, how we are supposed to be, and how the world works. From these programs we develop patterns of relating and responding to one another based upon what we learnt was “acceptable” and “unacceptable”. Although good intentions frequently underpin this course of socialisation, the truth of who we are commonly gets muddled in the process.


As adults we may experience this disconnection from our true nature as stress, frustration, conflict, or as a feeling of having lost ourselves. We may act out our suffering through self-destructive behaviours or self-sabotaging patterns. We may feel stuck in our lives, or trapped in unhealthy relationships. We could be diagnosed with a mental health issue, have addiction problems, or be experiencing loneliness. Perhaps we feel isolated and doubtful that loving connection and honest relationships can even exist. These are just a few of the symptoms that might arise when we have lost our connection with our true nature.

Matt D

Matt D

"Jade helped me so much in a time of real doubt. She...really knows how to support someone back into their own peace."

Chris L

Chris L

"Jade...has really helped me to learn about myself and develop better strategies to cope with life’s challenges."

Jillian M

Jillian M

"Jade has helped me so much. My life is back on track and Jade is instrumental on getting me there. Thanks again Jade!

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