A Mantra for Peace

Some days it’s challenging to maintain a sense of wholeness and let go of the thoughts that challenge our inner peace. The conflict of the human condition, the “not-quite-thereness”, the battle that resides in the mind.

Being perfect in our imperfection and dancing on the precipice of two seemingly separate worlds. Searching for the oneness that can only be found when we give up the search. Earasing the separation by letting go into the present, being fully here, right now.

Learning how to be, moment-by-moment is the game; and as we come to study our experiences with a mindful eye, awareness becomes the guide.

This way of approaching life means accepting what is and letting go of what isn’t, or should or shouldn’t be… It means learning how to feel into the lightness and playfulness of our being, and appreciate ourselves and one another without judgement.

What a beautiful mystery this life can be.

Mantra: Today I choose kindness, forgiveness, and compassion for all that I experience, and all that I see. Peace be with me.