Jade Rivera

"My aim is to help people learn about authentic connection through supporting their capacity, and assisting the release of limiting beliefs and patterns."

Jade Rivera


Hi I’m Jade, and my work consists of helping people to come home to themselves. There is that old saying about home being where the heart is. Throughout my years of practice, I have found that the heart is the home. Too often we have let our minds become the master and our hearts, the servant. If we are wanting to experience more peace within, and to move beyond the places we find ourselves getting stuck, the remedy is to allow our humble hearts to guide us home, and to let the mind become our servant once more.

Life is hard sometimes, and getting support can be even harder. This is particularly so if we hold a belief that says there must be something really wrong with us if we need the help of a therapist. Well, the former belief is misleading and is not the case for the majority of persons seeking counsel. It takes the utmost strength to admit that help, assistance, guidance or a direction is needed at different times in our life. It’s also perfectly okay to not feel okay, and look towards qualified support to find answers and insight to what is happening.

Some people that come to me for sessions are simply seeking development and want to better themselves. Others may be confronted with a particular issue, or struggling with a past or recent life crisis. Some just need support from a professional who is objective, and does not have a personal investment in their lives. Therapy is for anyone and everyone, and it does not mean that a person is fundamentally flawed.

I understand that getting through the door can be the hardest step, that’s why I like to provide a warm and welcoming space to help my client’s feel at ease. My ability to connect from my heart is my gift, and with that, I aim to help you feel listened to, cared about, seen and supported. Compassion, empathy, and respect with a non-judgmental approach are at the core of my therapeutic sessions.

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  • Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Addiction Studies.



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"You’ve helped me regain confidence in myself and improve my relationships with my loved ones. Since our sessions I’ve been able to focus on what’s important and let go of worrying about what isn’t."


"I can now reflect and then respond to situations instead of just reacting the way I used to do. I appreciate all that you’ve helped me to learn about myself and I always really look forward to our sessions."


"Jade...is intuitive and insightful with a gift to support others to experience and explore their deepest authentic selves. "


"I felt safe to explore with her some of the more complex issues within me. Since our sessions I have found a centre within myself, a balance and understanding I had been searching a long time for."


"I have suffered emotional distress for decades and thanks to Jade’s support, kind words and thoughtful insights, my self-worth and overall happiness has been given a much needed boost! I can’t express in words just how grateful I am."


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