A Mantra for Peace

Some days it’s challenging to maintain a sense of wholeness and let go of the thoughts that challenge our inner peace. The conflict of the human condition, the “not-quite-thereness”, the battle that resides in the mind. Being perfect in our imperfection and dancing on the precipice of two seemingly separate worlds. Searching for the oneness…
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Inner Expansion Therapy Healing Addictions

Healing Your Addictions

Addictions come in many shapes and forms, and function to keep us distracted from forward movement in our lives. Addiction is not just about drug or alcohol abuse, it also hides in the lesser recognised patterns of workaholism, compulsive eating, people pleasing, online shopping, and phone and internet addiction, just to name a few… An…
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Healthy relationships… what are they?

Relationships help us evolve. They grow us up. They show us where we have work to do and what is required of us to become more conscious. They are a beautiful medium for exposing us to what we are holding, desiring, fearing and expecting, and where we are blocking our own growth. Relationships show us…
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SOUL (a.k.a Source Of Unconditional Love)

Our soul is who we really are. It is our authentic self – also referred to by many other names including our true self, awareness, original self, inner self, authentic self, essence, instinctual self, spirit, innate knowing, higher consciousness, vibrational self, essential nature, Self, organic self, inner being, psyche, higher self, true nature, intuitive self,…
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Make the first step today

A positive pathway with a supportive non-judgmental approach.